1,000th Episode!

  • 24 October, 2020
  • Andrew Ryan
Ellen Chu (left) and Andrew Ryan (right) celebrate their 1,000th episode on air together, with mille-feuille (a 1,000-layer pastry).

If you cued up every single show that Ellen and Andrew have recorded together over the past 19+ years, that it would take you 21.5 days to listen to it all. Can you imagine that? We can't either. Today, we celebrate the longest-running English language duo on Taiwan radio.


Today’s menu: In our first course, we will begin the show by celebrating our anniversary with a food that has 1,000 layers. In our second course we shift topics to Senior Citizens' Day (also known in Taiwan as the Double Ninth Festival, or Chongyang Festival 重陽節). Find out why health experts say that CHEWING could be a great way to stimulate the brain and combat the effects of aging! And in our third and final course, we’ll serve up some foods for you to chew on!