RTI Radio Taiwan InternationalRTI Radio Taiwan International"On the Cusps of Epidemic Crises"

  • 23 October, 2021

Taiwan today ranks among the world’s healthiest societies, with cheap and high quality healthcare for all and an epidemic command center that’s made Taiwan a rare success story in handling COVID. But the good health Taiwan enjoys today is quite new, and it hasn’t come without hard work. Within living memory, diseases like cholera and polio were common scourges, crippling and killing with regularity. Our national health insurance system, meanwhile, is only a generation old. And all but the youngest of Taiwanese people  remember the horrors that SARS unleashed here. Taiwan’s long struggle against disease is the subject of a new exhibit at the National Taiwan Museum called On the Cusps of Epidemic Crises. The exhibit’s designer, Chang An-qi has already walked us through the first half of the exhibit, focussed on pre-WWII Taiwan. She now joins us for a look at how Taiwan’s battle against disease has gone since the war’s end.