RTI Radio Taiwan InternationalTaiwan and Somaliland

  • 06 November, 2021

It’s a flourishing democracy with no seat at the UN, a sizable country not labeled on many maps. The place I’m describing might well be Taiwan! But instead, today, I’m talking about Somaliland, a state that sits atop the Horn of Africa. Like Taiwan, Somaliland is a republic with its own government, flag, currency, and military. It issues its own passports and holds its own elections. But despite its stability in a region full of turmoil, Somaliland, like Taiwan, remains a place the international community largely ignores. However far apart they may be on the globe, the list of things Taiwan and Somaliland have in common goes on and on. You might even say, as my guest does today, that Taiwan and Somaliland are natural allies. He is Abdiqani Muse, Head of Development and Culture Affairs at the Somaliland Representative Office in Taipei. Over the next two weeks, he’ll be explaining how and why Somaliland came to be, why Somaliland and Taiwan make for natural friends, and what the future holds for these two, the odd couple on the international stage.