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  • 08 September, 2021
Just the Classics
Suming Rupi

When it comes to the world of contemporary Taiwanese indigenous music, Suming is king. Suming Rupi is a 43-year-old singer songwriter and guitar master from the ‘Atolan Amis group of Taiwanese indigenous people, and since 2002, he’s been instrumental in getting the melodies and rhythms of his musical community into the Taiwanese popular music scene. He often appears wearing the traditional clothing of his people, and many of his songs feature lyrics in his native Amis language. But key to his success and wider popularity is the fact that he is a bold experimenter and a highly original singer-songwriter, fusing his culture with pop, rock, and western classical music. In today’s episode, we’re looking back over a nearly 20 year-long musical career for a textbook example of what new and exciting direction contemporary indigenous music in Taiwan is taking.