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English Service host John Van Trieste is curious. There’s nothing about Taiwan’s many cultures that he doesn’t want to know more about. Join him every week as he gets to the bottom of yet another question. What will he be curious about this time?

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05 December, 2020
National Taiwan University’s Museum of Anthropology

The Taipei area is chock-full of museums. But not all of the city’s good collections are advertised. Some are hidden in completely unremarkable buildings, the sorts of places that people pass by everyday without realizing there’s anything worth stopping to look at inside. National Taiwan University’s Museum of Anthropology is a good example.It’s one of a number of interesting, but barely visited displays hidden across campus. The objects on display don’t change much, but I like to go in from time to time to check in on them. Aside from an attendant or two, I’ve never seen a single other soul here. My most recent visit was this week, and I’d like to take this opportunity to let you in on this small but beautiful exhibit hall showcasing the rich variety of Taiwan’s first peoples.

28 November, 2020
Taiwan's Old Board Games

Today, at almost any family gathering in Taiwan- at least any I've been invited to- the TV is definitely on, and it isn't long before the phones come out. Sure, people chat and eat, but there is a lot besides one another's company to focus on. It seems this is remarkably recent, though, as a new exhibit at Taipei's Museum 207 reminds us. This is an homage to the board games of yesteryear, the sort of games that have lost their place in most contemporary family living rooms, but which remain in the memory as well as in the possession of a passionate group of collectors. The museum's chief educational coordinator Wang Chen-yi joins us this week for a dive into the boardgames that generations of Taiwanese people still remember today.

21 November, 2020
Taipei's hot springs

An exploration of the hot springs on Taipei's doorstep.

14 November, 2020
The first school in the north

Retired local teacher Chang Jen-fu, joins us for a tour of northern Taiwan's oldest school, now over 250 years old.

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