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Jukebox Republic

Jukebox Republic offers you a weekly dose of the best pop music in Taiwan but based on a mood or idea or theme, depending on what's current or trendy. Shirley Lin is your host, introducing not only the latest releases but also some oldies, in the many local Taiwanese languages and dialects.

What's On

18 October, 2021
A week of good news

Shirley Lin recaps some of the good news coming out of Taiwan in the past week, on Jukebox Republic.

11 October, 2021
Proud of Taiwan

How can Taiwanese people not be proud of their country when local COVID cases have gone down to zero for several days in a row? That's what you'll hear on this week's Jukebox Republic: pride.

04 October, 2021
What to do about the birthrate?

Find out how the Taiwan government is trying to boost the national birthrate by working on the dads-to-be, on Jukebox Republic.

27 September, 2021
Nothing better than good news

On Jukebox Republic this week, you get to hear some good news coming out of Taiwan.

20 September, 2021
The most humane egg farm

On Jukebox Republic, Shirley Lin touches on an interesting story about a man in Miaoli who intends to become the biggest humane egg producer in Taiwan. He believes that "happy farmers raise happy chickens". Guess what songs you will hear on this week's show?

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