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22 October, 2021
How Taiwan fights disinformation

How do you stop viral rumors, deepfakes and propaganda from ruining a democracy? Ask Taiwan. Staś Butler speaks to Wu Min-hsuan, the co-founder and CEO of Doublethink Lab, to find out what Taiwan does differently.

22 October, 2021
Disinformation from China

Taiwan is under constant pressure from China, and it's not just military pressure either. Though Chinese warplane incursions into Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone are commonplace, disinformation campaigns from China are also pretty rampant in Taiwan. Staś Butler spoke with researcher Wu Ming-hsuan to find out more about China's disinformation efforts. 

15 October, 2021
Taiwan’s minimum wage hike

Last week, Taiwan's labor officials announced that they were raising the country's minimum wage by about 5%. That adjustment is great news for workers in the food and beverage industry, but others say it won't really affect them too much. Staś Butler spoke with NGO worker and activist Roy Ngerng to put the latest wage hike in context.

01 October, 2021
Interview: Eric Chu and the KMT

Staś Butler speaks with political scientist Sung Wen-ti about what Eric Chu's election as the new KMT chair, the party's strengths and weaknesses and what they need to do to win over the public.

24 September, 2021
How do you eat that?

Join Natalie, Leslie and Staś as they attempt to eat a sugar apple.

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