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21 September, 2021
Taiwan's first F-16V wing

Hear about Taiwan's first F-16V wing and much more in today's news. 

20 September, 2021
Taiwan responds to China fruit import ban

Taiwan's agriculture council says it is ready to go to the World Trade Organization to settle a dispute with China over its ban of sugar and wax apple imports from Taiwan.

17 September, 2021
US, Australia issue joint statement for enhancing ties with Taiwan

The United States and Australia have expressed their intention to strengthen ties with Taiwan and back Taiwan’s participation in international organizations. 

16 September, 2021
Foreign ministry welcomes int’l backing for Taiwan-Lithuania ties

The foreign ministry has welcomed US and EU support for closer ties between Taiwan and Lithuania.

15 September, 2021
Tsai congratulates Central American allies on independence day

President Tsai Ing-wen has congratulated allies Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua on the occasion of their shared independence day. 

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