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Classic Shorts

Sit back and relax and enjoy poems and stories from classic Chinese literature on Classic Shorts.

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17 October, 2021
Poetic petals

Hear some of the famous Tang dynasty poems featuring petals and the love, hope and seasons they symbolized in this episode of Classic Shorts.

10 October, 2021
Patriotic poems

Hear patriotic poems from ancient China on Nationa Day.

03 October, 2021
A Song of the Southern River

Hear the regret of a wife in A Song of the Southern River and the melancholy sentiments of a soldier and king in this episode of Classic Shorts.

26 September, 2021
Poems from a distance

Hear famous Tang poems about longing for friends and family far away.

19 September, 2021
Border poems

Hear the famous series of Border Poems by Tang dynasty poet Lu Lun about the sentiments of soldiers.

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